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  • Artisan Soap Range
    ▪Handmade using Cold Process Method ▪100% Coconut Oil Soap ▪Palm Oil Free ▪Vegan ▪No animal Testing ▪Creative bars with textured tops and colourful swirls
  • Wildcrafted Soap Range
    ▪Natural Soap ▪Fragrance free or Fragranced using only the best Essential Oils ▪No Micas or Glitters, only natural colourants ▪Hand Selected and dried botanicals ▪Healing ▪Palm Oil Free ▪Cruelty Free
  • Dog Product Range
    ▪Hemp & Kawakawa Balm for healing rashes, cuts, bites, burns and more ▪Natural Soaps for flea control, smelly dogs, itchy skin problems & super shiney coats ▪Palm Oil Free ▪Cruelty Free
  • Face Body & Hair
    ▪Face Creams ▪Healing Balms ▪Face & Body Tonics ▪Hair Treatments and repair oils▪Palm Oil Free ▪Cruelty Free
  • Perfume Oils & Wax
    ▪Vegan Perfume Oils and perfume waxes ▪Palm Oil Free ▪No animal testing ▪Variety to choose from
  • Candles & Jewellery
    ▪Jewellery ▪Oil Burners ▪Keyrings ▪Suncatchers ▪incense
  • Monthly Surprise Box
    Do you like surprises? This is a subscription box of sorts, so each month you will receive a box containing some of our amazing products, plus samples for you to try.
  • Weddings & Events
    Gifts and favours for wedding and events

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