Elephant Adoption

Wildflower Aromas has officially adopted not one but two orphaned elephants that have had a hard start to life

Long uro and his best mate Lumonyak

These adoptions are possible for us to do because of your support so instead of me personally doing the adoption i have decided to do them on your behalf this is along with our monthly support to buy milk for all of the Reteti orphaned baby elephants. So have a look below and get to know these two special babies, and feel free to share your adoption certificate with you friends and family


I have personally been following this wee guy for a while now, he is so amazing, so determined and super smart, we could adopt just Long'uro without adopting his best mate Lomunyak too.

The Reteti team was called in at night by Rangers informing of a bleeding, pained and abandoned calf that fell into a well in Loisaba Conservancy. He was found in a very critical state, crying out from a well in despair. The calf had lost a third of its trunk to a hyena the previous night. Vets from Kenya Wildlife Service and Reteti rescue team were rushed in to help save the calf from the excess bleeding and possibly death. Our Doctor and vet team cleaned up the left-out hyena extremity holes. Mary Lengees then stepped in and took on the task of being his mother.

Long’uro is a Samburu word for “cut”. He represents a great deal for the community in Namunyak. He continues to defeat all the odds and has adjusted to life with a short trunk. He is a kind, social and caring big brother who plays beautifully with the rest of the herd, especially his best friend, Lomunyak!

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Lomunyak is a Samburu word meaning “lucky ” and boy, are we lucky that he has joined the Reteti herd! Lomunyak is called our lucky boy with good reason. He survived what appeared to be a lion attack, and become separated from his mum and nearly drowned in a river in Northern Kenya.

He was rescued by security staff in Samburu National Reserve at 2am on a Sunday morning. The rescuers heard the calf crying and jumped into the fast flowing Ewaso Nyiro River to save his life. Today Lomunyak is a lovely, playful elephant, who is friendly with every ellie he comes into contact with. He stays close to Long’uro and shares his tasty bushes with him, always making sure he gets what he pushes or pulls down. He knows and loves his name and you never have to call him more than once. Lomunyak and Longuro are best buddies!

Lomunyak can be identified by the round, protruding scars on either sides of his head from the lion attack as seen on the photos and videos.

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