Hand Soap in Travel Bag

Hand Soap in Travel Bag
Experts say the best way to keep safe from germs is by washing your hands, so our hand soap travel bags are perfect to take with you anywhere, simply use a peice of soap with a bit of water rub between your hands and your all done. Each soap piece is enough for at least one good hand wash and they come in a silk bag that makes them perfect for keeping close by in your handbag, car, school bag etc
NZ$ 10.00
NZ$ 1.00 (a 10% discount)
NZ$ 9.00
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Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Skin Safe Frangance oils, Mica, Bio-Glitter

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  • Travel soaps
    Awesome to have in your handbag especially at the moment we need to have clean hands, one use soap perfect product.
    Posted: 2020-03-31 by Tammy

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