Wildflower REPLENISH Face & Hair Oil

Wildflower REPLENISH Face & Hair Oil
*Mineral Oil (cosmetic Grade) Skin - Hydrates and locks in moisture by forming a barrier on the skins surface. Hair - Reduces tangles and prevents breakage
*Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Limanthes alba - USA) Skin - Locks in a protective seal on skin to lock in moisture. Hair - Keeps hair hydrated
* Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis - Argentina) Skin - Regulate the sebum production, soothes and keeps skin from looking oily, also helps to prevent acne. Hair - Nourishes hair, strengthens and can also aid in preventing hair loss and promote thickness.
*Abyssisan Oil (Crambe abyssinica - Brazil) Skin - absorbs into the epidermal tissue generating a very noticeable smoother skin, improves tone and texture. Hair - Produces a natural radiant lustrue, helps detangle and lock in moisture.
*Cucumber Oil (Cucumis sativus - India) Skin - Treats dry irritated and damaged skin, natural antioxidant that strengthens and restores natural - moisture and balances skin cells. Hair - Treats dry hair and scalp.
* Camellia Oil (Cameliia oleifera - China) Skin - The beauty secret of Japans Geisha, highly regenerative and restorative, treats dry and damaged skin, moisture retaining and absorbs quickly. Hair - Restores damaged hair.
*Vitamin B5 - Skin & Hair - Hydrates and encourages softness and smoothness.
Essential Oils -
Clary Sage - Boosts hair growth and strengthens making it less likely to break.
Rose Geranium - Relives inflamed skin, evens out skin tone and encouragers skin cell growth.
Frankincense - Promotes growth of new skin cells and tightens skin.
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Mineral Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Abyssisan Oil, Cucumber Seed OIl, Camellia Oil, Vitamin B5 Liquid Germell and essential oils

Put a couple of drops into hands and rub together, then rub hands over face and through hair.  A little goes a long way, if you have left over on your hands rub them together to give the skin of your hands a treat too

Green dropper bottle