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Bath & Body

All our products are Handmade with locally sourced ingredients

We are pretty passionate about not using any ingredients that contain palm oil, as we do not wish to contribute towards the destruction to both animals and villages caused by the production of this oil.  We feel palm oil in an un-nessacery ingredient in skincare.
With your help we are able to contribute a monthly donation to the Reiti Elephant Rescue, our donation goes towards bottles of milk to feed orhpaned elephants and to help them regain their strength and confidence to become one of the most majestic animals on our planet

Moisturizing face cream in an open glass jar with golden lid and white chrysanthemum flowe
Pieces of hand made soap covered in red paper, displayed for sale at an weekend deco fair

Wedding Favours, corporate gifts, hotel soap, specialty events - talk to us about any of these requirements, we can provide soaps to fit your theme and ideas

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Totally natural ingredients and botanicals, with quality essential oils

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This is where I get creative with colour combinations, swirls, textured tops and beautiful skin safe fragrance oils