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  • Fairy
    Gorgeous hanging flower fairy
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Honeybee earings
    These look so cool on, you'll definitely get comments
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Seahorse earings
    Super cute seahorses
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Wash Cloths
    Beautiful 50/50 cotton/bamboo washcloths hand crocheted. These have so many uses, I use mine for washing dishes, no more throw away cloths, just wash and it's good as new, makes a lovely face and both wash cloth and is gent6enough to use on baby
    Let me know your colour preference
    NZ$ 14.00
  • Parrott earings
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Cowboy hats
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Dagger earings
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Hand Soap in Travel Bag
    Experts say the best way to keep safe from germs is by washing your hands, so our hand soap travel bags are perfect to take with you anywhere, simply use a peice of soap with a bit of water rub between your hands and your all done. Each soap piece is enough for at least one good hand wash and they come in a silk bag that makes them perfect for keeping close by in your handbag, car, school bag etc
    NZ$ 10.00
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Seashell earings
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Silver earings
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Flamingo tassel earings
    Flamingo Pink tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Arctic tassel earings
    Arctic tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Black Velvet tassel earings
    Black velvet tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Blue Black tassel earings
    Blue black assel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Cherry Bomb tassel earings
    Cherry bomb tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Old Gold tassel earings
    Old gold tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Deep ocean tassel earings
    Deep ocean tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Denim tassel earings
    Denim tassel earings
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Sandalwood & Musk Perfume
    These are a little bit spesh!! Solid vegan perfumes fragranced with sandalwood & musk made with frangipani wax, rose wax, soy wax and manoi oil......very luxurious and comes in a beautiful handpainted ceramic trinket container that can be used for jewellery once perfume is finished (I didn't make the ceramic pots but I did handpaint them using glass and ceramic paint) these are limited editions that you can purchase now so you dont miss out on one but it won't be sent until lockdown is lifted
    Let me know by lid colour which one you prefer (no promises as it depends on availability)
    *purple lid with maroon flower on top SOLD
    NZ$ 18.90

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