Why we are Palm Oil Free

We believe Palm oil is not necessary in beauty products, there are plenty of alternative that produce beautiful skincare, the main reason Palm oil is used in beauty products such as soap is because it cheap. Although some makers feel its okay to use "sustainable" palm oil, we still choose not too as this "sustainable" palm oil has still originally caused the loss of land, homes and habitat. Palm oil can be found in more than half of the products in the regular supermarkets across New Zealand, however it is hard to recognize it. The reason behind that is the absence of law bounding the companies to declare palm oil in their goods.

The $40 billion palm oil industry is notorious for wiping out rainforests, displacing indigenous peoples, spewing carbon into the atmosphere and driving the orangutan and other animals toward extinction.

Rainforest for us might be the ‘lungs of the planet’, but for some species it is also home, rapidly evaporating due to excessive deforestation. As a result, the animal and plant life has decimated, most notably in Indonesia and Malaysia, bringing some species like the Orangutan, Sumatran Elephant, Tiger and Rhino close to extinction. It also effects human lives; even though palm oil industry provides a solution to poverty for some, it has caused many people to lose their land without consultation or compensation and left them deprived of the possibility to grow food and build homes from forest materials as they have been doing for decades.  Palm oil is bad for health, burning rainforest not only causes greenhouse gas emissions but fills the air with dense smoke, causing respiratory problems.

Palm oil in food and other products most commonly hides under these names:

-          Vegetable oil

-          Palm kerenel oil

-          Anything containing the world ‘palmitate’ or ‘palmate’

-          Elaeis gunieensis ; the scientific name for the oil palm plant

-          Hexadecanoic or palmitic acid

-          Hydrated Palm Glycerides

-          Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth Sulphate (SLS)

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